How to mass/batch resize images and photos using Photoshop Actions

1. Copy the images you want resized, and put them into 2 new folders: 1 for vertical images and 1 for horizontal images. Make sure to copy the images, as the copies will be permanently resized.

2. Start Photoshop.

3. Go to Window>Actions. Leave the actions window open.

4. Open just one of the horizontal (wide) images you want to resize.

5. Create a New Action

6. Name this action as below

7. Hit Record and make sure you don’t do anything outside these instructions, or it’ll get recorded too.

8. Go to Image>Image Size

10. Go to File> Save then enter a quality of 6 to 8, but no higher. Click OK.

11. Now just go to the bottom of the actions window and hit the very left box to Stop Recording.

12. You’ll now see your “resize” action in the actions window

Now, start at #4 but open a vertical/tall photo from that folder. The changes you make are in naming the action like in Step 6, but this time it is resize 600px tall and in step 9, first change the resolution to 72, then change the Height to 600.

Batch editing

Go to File>Automate

In this Batch window, select the action you want to use. Go down to Source, make sure Folder is selected and click the Choose Button. Find the Horizontal folder you made, then go to destination, make sure Folder is selected, then click the Choose button and select the folder you want the resized images to go in (a 3rd new folder is a good idea).

Click ok and wait a really long time while Photoshop runs the processes. When that batch is done, do the same thing, but choose the tall photo action, and the Vertical folder.

Once all the images are resized, you can add them all to the same folder and rename it whatever you want, like “thompson family portraits” or whatever.

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