Stop Spammers!

In a follow up to my last post, Easy Captcha – prevent spam registrations (plus an SSL friendly edit), some spammers got through (likely by directly accessing the registration form since no hits to the registration page can be found), though not nearly as many as pre-captcha. So I’ve added “Stop Spammers” to my spammer-smash […]

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WooCommerce Breadcrumbs Fix

Customers generally prefer product breadcrumbs that show the steps it took to get to the product they are viewing, so they can backtrack easily. Breadcrumbs, if you aren’t sure, are the row of links above the main content, below the header, that look like:Home > Catalog > Clothes > Men’s > Shirts > Blue Shirt […]

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Browser resolution & website design

When I started designing and developing websites (2001), the normal browser resolution was a mere 800 x 600. It slowly crept up and by 2005, over half were at 1024 x 768. Today, over 90% of us use a resolution greater than 1024 x 768. Why does it matter? Take a look at what is […]

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WooCommerce CSS Tips

Some CSS tricks to modify things you want to change or hide things you don’t like, without getting into the php files. Assuming you are using an up to date WooTheme, you enter these in your theme’s General Settings under Display Options>Custom CSS. Modify as need of course, if you are comfortable doing so. First, […]

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[Canada] WooCommerce: Canada Post Shipping

Shipping is the #1 problem most sellers have a problem figuring out. Charge too much and you have unhappy customers (or no customers), charge too little and it comes out of your bottom line. Working it into your product price can be problematic and make your products seems too expensive. Thankfully, big shipping names like […]

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